There is a New Pickle in Town at the 2023 South Florida Fair

West Palm Beach, Florida (January 13th – 29th) – The 2023 South Florida Fair is set to bring together Fat Pickle, families, and thousands of fairgoers. Taking place from January 13th to 29th, 2023, at the South Florida Fair Grounds in West Palm Beach, Florida, this event ranks among the largest county fairs in the State of Florida.

Renowned for its world-class rides, exhibits, and, of course, delectable fair fare, the South Florida Fair is a beloved annual tradition. While you might expect long lines at the Ice Cream, Fried Oreo, or Cotton Candy stands, you'll also find an unexpected queue forming at the Fat Pickle Booth just outside the East Expo Hall. Here, Fat Pickle is introducing fairgoers to their signature "Cold, Crisp, and Delicious" snack options by generously offering complimentary samples to all.

Fairgoers, be warned! If you dare to sample a Fat Pickle, you're likely to become a fan as they live up to their reputation: Fat, Cold, Crisp, and Delicious. Fat Pickle is available for purchase at $6 for one or $10 for two. Need a remedy for muscle cramps, a hangover, or fair fatigue? Try their Ice Cold Raw Pickle Juice Shot for just $3.

Consider this: Fat Pickles are substantial in size, and upon request, they'll slice your pickle into four spears, making it an economical and wholesome snack option for families.

Fat Pickle initially debuted in February 2022 at the Delray Affair in Delray Beach, FL, and has since delighted taste buds with over 100,000 Pickles sold. It proudly holds the title of the fastest-growing pickle company in the USA. To explore their complete pickle product lineup and discover upcoming events where they'll be featured, visit If you're interested in booking Fat Pickle for an event, don't hesitate to reach out to their Agency of Record, Lipof and McGee, based in Plantation, Florida.