There is a New Pickle in Town at the 2023 South Florida Fair

West Palm Beach, Florida (January 13th – 29th) – Fat Pickle, families, and thousands of fairgoers will come together for the 2023 South Florida Fair. Held January 13th – 29th, 2023 at the South Florida Fair Grounds in West Palm Beach Florida, the South Florida Fair is one of the largest county fairs in the State of Florida.

The South Florida Fair is famous for world class rides, exhibits and of course, fair eats and treats. While it is no surprise to see a long line at the Ice Cream, Fried Oreo or Cotton Candy line, you might be surprised a line forming at the Fat Pickle Booth located just outside the East Expo Hall, Fat Pickle is creating awareness of their Cold, Crisp and Delicious, snack options by offering free samples to all.

Warning! If you do try a Fat Pickle sample, you are likely to buy one as they are just as advertised. Fat, Cold, Crisp and Delicious. Fat Pickle is selling 1 Pickle for $6 or 2 Pickles for $10. Got muscle cramps, hangover or fair fatigue, you can also get an Ice Cold Raw Pickle Juice Shot for $3.

When you consider the enormous size of a Fat Pickle and that upon request they will cut your pickle into 4 spears so a family of 4 can share and enjoy, a Fat Pickle is the least expensive. heathiest snack options available at the fair.

Fat Pickle first launched in February 2022 at the Delray Affair in Delray Beach, FL and since then has sampled sold over 100,000 Pickles. Fat Pickle is the fastest growing Pickle company in the USA. You can visit to see all their Pickle products and list of events where you can find them. Want to book Fat Pickle for an event, contact their Agency of Record, Lipof and McGee of Planation Florida.


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